Close-Out Services

The end is just the beginning

The end of any project is a crucial time. It’s these project close-out details that will define a project as a success or as a frustration for a homeowner. As your Owner’s Rep, we will advocate for you to ensure that your original vision is met, that details are up to standards, the scope is achieved and punch-lists are completed. We track every dollar spent, and validate all billing against the contract. A project is not over until the proper documentation is in place, from lien releases to owner’s manuals. We make it our business to ensure that details are not missed and that all contractual obligations are met.

Having Vigilus Home Support as your Owner’s Representative will increase communication and bring attention to detail across your construction and home management projects. Vigilus Home Support offers Owner’s Representation, Home Management, & Concierge Services in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County and Hudson Valley.

Project Close-Out Services


Subcontract Compliance

As your Owner’s Rep, we will ensure your subcontractors follow the insurance and legal aspects required by the project. We will manage schedules and work with vendors to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.


Permit Close/Sign offs

Your project will be properly signed off on and closed with all code compliance agencies and localities so that you don’t have issues with a Certificate of Occupancy or future projects.


Punchlist Oversight

It’s the little details that make a great construction project. This painstaking phase is necessary and we will manage it seamlessly for you.