Project Management

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Construction Coordination

The actual “constructing” phase of a construction project is like assembling an orchestra. All the players may be gifted in their own right, but without a conductor, the results will be chaotic. As your representative, we will ensure that all the players perform well and come in at the right time. As direct agent for the Owner, Vigilus makes its chief directive to protect your interests and realize your vision. We leverage our relationships with the best contractors and sub-contractors to manage the project. We review every invoice, track every dollar that is spent, and make certain that all payments are valid per contract. In all cases, our clients are treated with personal care, discretion and the desired level of confidentiality.

Construction Project Management Services


Scope & Execution Compliance

Vigilus will ensure that the owner’s expectations are being met by the scope of work being considered and that the design intent is carried through on the job site


Monitor & Report on Schedule

Capitalizing on our deep knowledge of building in realtime Vigilus will track and proactively report changes to the work as they bear on completion date.


Proof & Approve Invoices

We will make sure you get what you are paying for by assessing the value of changes to the scope and carefully reviewing contractor & subcontractor invoices.

Vigilus Construction Coordination:

  • Assist in selecting contractors
  • Constantly monitor construction schedules to ensure major milestones are met
  • Manage the bid process
  • Oversee contract administration
  • Pay application review: ensure the balance between completed work and capital dispersed.
  • Change Order Management
  • Quality oversight