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About Our Owner’s Representation Services

Protecting the owner’s interests and assisting them to realize their vision is paramount at Vigilus. Think of us as the conductor of your orchestra. At the outset, we make sure to fully understand your vision and priorities acknowledging that each owner has different styles, levels of involvement, and needs. As a direct agent for the owner, we put our deep understanding to work in all areas including design, function, budget, and schedule. Any build directs multitudes of people and seemingly endless decisions to you as the Owner throughout the many phases of construction. At Vigilus, we succeed by being your team leader. As the single point of contact, having Vigilus as your Owner’s representative will elevate communication, relieve stress and add transparency across your home management and construction projects.

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The opportunity to be engaged at the conceptual stage during the design phase and to collaborate with the team at such an early stage is a significant advantage. We will identify budgets and project objectives, help create a realistic schedule based on your specific goals, and define a common understanding of what success looks like to you. Once these fundamental pieces are in place, Vigilus will work hand-in-glove with your design professionals to create a buildable construction package that embraces these goals.

Construction Project

Going live. When the pedal hits the metal. Where the rubber meets the road. Go-time. Kick the tires and light the fires. Or, where due diligence in Pre-Construction is put to the test. Our decades of site experience will ensure that the entire project team remains focused on achieving excellence at every step while keeping the end goal securely in sight.

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Project Close-Out Services

In this crucial but often overlooked phase, Vigilus will coordinate and monitor punch lists and final details to the work and in doing so, ensure that the finished product meets your expectations.

Review the list of items with the Contractor and Architect for issuance of Certificate of Substantial Completion and ensure that all permits are closed out. We will oversee final acceptance inspections of construction and all aspects of the project. Vigilus will follow closeout and warranty procedures. We will ensure all parties receive all documentation required at the completion of the work such as: warranties, manuals, project close-out documentation, including as-builts, bonds and warranties. Allowing you to fully enjoy your beautiful home in the Hudson Valley.

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We value our clients and candidates equally and exceed expectations for both. We will listen and never judge, we will work with you to assess your individual needs as a client or candidate and work together to find a match that exceeds your expections.

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